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monday rant


I am pissed off at mcdonalds. why in the hell do they stop serving breakfast at 10:30 who wants to eat a burger that early. i sure don’t, but because i had bad luck with traffic and then traffic light took forever i missed breakfast by like 2 minutes. so i had to have a cheesneburger instead of yummy egg mcmuffin. i think they should serve breakfast until 11:30
I had to work until 8 and then most of the road I had to drive on to get home only had one lane open so I took extra long to get home. Bored out of mind the last two hours of work so forced to text people and go on facebook on my phone.


August is almost over and i’m ready for fall. Back in the favorite blue jeans and eventually sweaters and hoodies. Had a pretty good weekend, got to spend some time with the great guy i’ve been talking to since spring and finally met in person in July. That may seem weird but that is internet dating for you. Most of the time a complete waste of time but occassionally you find a cool person that you click with.
I still have older men and other people I wish I could block from looking at me. It’s like read my damn profile and see what i’m looking for you because it’s not you. I’m not looking for someone 10 years older older or worse twenty or more years older.
I’ve been trying internet dating since my early 20s and then was really annoyed by men old enough to by my father or sometimes older on me hitting on me. I would tell them so too “leave me old dirty old man”. One guy who needed a green cars tried to propose to me and say I sit around all day watching jerry springer on his big screen t.v. oh yes very tempting, break the law to live with a stranger 25 years older than me and watch shitty t.v. I got tired of half way through my freshman of college. And if I had been stupid and crazy enough my parents would have flipped out, for good reason.

Summer 2012


Happy hump day everybody! I have had one heck of a week, been the damn doctor 3 days in a row with a different symptom each day. First an embrassing painful mystery rash, then a sore throat that I have caught from the doctor’s office. Had to mix cepacol and luden’s cherry cough drops because cepacol is nasty tasting but works well. I went back to work today, running late after having my cute kitten walk on me meowing for breakfast, discovered two cat turds on my rug and then stepped on a third one in the kitchen. Luckily I had put my shoes on, my favorite tan moccassins, they have seen better days. I had to clean the crap off the bottom. I knew I was going to be late but screw it I had to fix my coffee. It’s already made iced coffee mocha flavored that comes in a carton. Put in my “you  rock ” lidded cup threw some in it and went out the door ignoring 2 more damn turds in my sunroom. So out the door and chugging the coffee. It was cloudy and looked like it had rained so headlights on. My car has recently decided that it will not let me have headlights on and the light on the radio that shows channel and time. Lovely. The car is 12 and as it keeps running and the radio or heat or ac don’t die, I’m good. i think the cd player is dead but i have a ipod and radio still works, too bad most stations want to talk about crap instead of play music. So dealing with traffic when already late, and when you’re already late you always went behind slow people. Once I get to work the evelator takes forever and then stops on every damn floor. I would have to get work like 20 minutes early to take the stairs without running up them and get to my cube panting out of breath like a puppy dog. Hopefully someday when i’m in better shape and not lying in my comfty bed until the last possible minute.

Hello world and welcome to my blog


Welcome to! This is your very first post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

I am starting a blog probably because I have been watching the movie Julie and Julia a lot. Also because I would love to be a published author some day. I love this movie, probably because I can relate to Julie Powell. She tried writing a novel and then ended up in cubicle land on the phone all day long having to put up with people yelling at her
and saying the two words I have grown to hate in my call center years “you people ” when some says that me especially with a pissy tone I want to reach the phone and punch them in the throat. I am not the queen of insurance who makes up all the rules and regulations and I damn sure have no say in benefits what is covered and what is not. Back to Julie I do have a cat also but I am not married and the cooking well truthfully heating  I do involves the microwave and occassionally  the  toaster oven. I bought my mother a copy of Mastering the art of french cooking instead of stealing it from her. I looked through the whole book and and amazed that Julie Powell cooked all that in a year.

Hey readers, be warned my bog may jump around from topic to topic and be about random things. That is how my mind works and one of my English teachers told me that my brain works faster than my hand so I sometimes leave words out which sucks especially when I text people. Also I try to be a positive optimistic person and when I mean to type a negative word like can’t , I will can instead with really changes a sentence and can make it make no sense. So I apologize in advance. Also I am blogging my smartphone because it is the only internet service I have right now.

Thanks to my bad judgement and trying to see the good in people I no longer have cable or internet because I cannot afford them. i did elaborate on this by ranting for a few sentences but decided not to include them after all. You may get more about my current situation at a later date.