August is almost over and i’m ready for fall. Back in the favorite blue jeans and eventually sweaters and hoodies. Had a pretty good weekend, got to spend some time with the great guy i’ve been talking to since spring and finally met in person in July. That may seem weird but that is internet dating for you. Most of the time a complete waste of time but occassionally you find a cool person that you click with.
I still have older men and other people I wish I could block from looking at me. It’s like read my damn profile and see what i’m looking for you because it’s not you. I’m not looking for someone 10 years older older or worse twenty or more years older.
I’ve been trying internet dating since my early 20s and then was really annoyed by men old enough to by my father or sometimes older on me hitting on me. I would tell them so too “leave me old dirty old man”. One guy who needed a green cars tried to propose to me and say I sit around all day watching jerry springer on his big screen t.v. oh yes very tempting, break the law to live with a stranger 25 years older than me and watch shitty t.v. I got tired of half way through my freshman of college. And if I had been stupid and crazy enough my parents would have flipped out, for good reason.

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