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The universe is fucking with me. I leave my brother’s house trying to get back to town before my favorite waiter leaves work. I have to stop because two dogs the appear to hooked up to underground electric fence have escaped they had antennas on them. The first moved out the road the second one did not and I had to honk and honk at it. Then I hauled ass down dark curvy roads and made it to the city and got stuck and the longest damn light ever. I park and try to peek in to see if Charming is in there but I don’t see him. I have to pee so I go in use the bathroom come out and there he is. Yea! He takes me to a table and I asked if he got his last text. He pulls the phone out of his apron and I tell him what it says. Basically I understand you gotta work at 8 am tomorrow but the movie we had planned to watch is less than 2 hours and I will bring him back home. He says ok but he needs to go home and shower change clothes and to come pick him at 10 or 10:15. I say ok. Eat my chocolate cake and get my tea and turkey club to go. Give him his usual nice tip and head home. I decide to stop by wawa and get a six-pack of one of his favorite beers and I got me some paradise punch thing not I would drink and drive.I have a terrible headache and my stomach starts feeling upset. Also happens when I am excited about a guy. Most people get butterflies. I swear I get big flapping birds in my stomach. So I go home and have to kill like over an hour. I take some medicine for my head and hope my stomach does not act up. I am worried he is going to text and cancel which would really suck. This is our first time hanging out together and not the talking we get to do while he is working. I have cleaned the house today and shaved most of my legs. Ladies you know what shaving the legs means when you have a guy over. I did not shave them all the  way because I like this guy and I do not want to fuck it up. I really want to kiss him he has very kissable lips a nice full bottom lip that I can imagine nibbling on. So I manage to keep myself occupied until about 9:43. Then I leave the house and on down the road. My stomach is still feeling weird and I really hope I do not have to take a crap. He texts me says 10:15 works better so I am driving in circles around town for about 10 to 15 minutes. About 10:02 I call him because I am tired of driving around. He gives me directions. I get into the apartment complex and actually park right in front of his building which I didn’t know the number to. I am sitting there and he texts me he will be out in a few his roommate asked him to tidy up. So I am sitting in the car still nervous. I turn the car off but not the headlights. I turn them off and go to start the car it won’t start. I text him that I am out front but the car just died. Luckily I have jumper cables. One of his neighbors gets home has to drive over the curb and into the grass and jumps the car. Me and charming get into the car and I turn on the nights and the fucking dies again. So they’re like its the alternator not the battery so jumping won’t help because the battery won’t stay charged. Its almost 10:30 now and I’m totally screwed so luckily I have triple a so we go into charmings apartment and sit down. I get to meet one of the roommates. I call triple a and the woman tells me 45 minutes minutes. So we are waiting and talking. His roommate goes to take a shower so we are alone together. I am too freaking out about towing the car and having to get it fixed with fucking money I don’t have to even think about flirting with him much less trying to kiss him. The roommates takes a quick shower and is back in the room. Towing service calls says 10 or 15 minutes so we talk for a while longer and then go outside where the truck is waiting. We start walking to my car and the tow truck turns off. We like don’t tell me the tow truck just died. It didn’t and we got the car loaded it up. Charming gave a hug which felt nice and told me good luck with the car. So I get a ride with the nice tow truck man and we chatted about some of his towing ventures. I get home and get the car in a visitor spot. I am so dissappointed because I didn’t get to bring charming home give him his favorite beer and watch american reunion. By the way the dvd player is my bedroom so we would have on the bed drinking and watching a movie which in the past always leads to at least some kissing. Oh well another time. Well maybe the universe wasn’t fucking with me and it was helping me because stomach really was upset and I just blew up the toilet good. That would have embarrassing to have to hang out on the toilet with him here. But still I am upset and frustrated.


i just typed a freakin paragraph and the damn phone lost it. screw this phone.

Fine I will type it again. I got 3 sleeping kitties in my room. Two on the bed and one in the chair. One long haired tabby. A short haired tabby and a pastel calico. All girls. I should be trying to fall asleep but my silly self drank mountain dew with my medicines after 9pm. I was tired of water and ginger ale and wanted a mountain dew dammit. I saw the movie the lucky efron today it was good but of course had sad stuff because all of Nicholas sparks books do. I am amazed a man writes stuff sensitive emotional stories. I never watched any complete high school musical movies because for the most part I hate musicals except for the sound of music. But Zach Efron has grown into a very good looking man.
Alright my fellow bloggers have you been texting a couple people at once and sent a text to the wrong person? I did the other day I was texting my gal pal  and Charmimg and I send him the message I meant for her and he was mentioned in the text and another guy. Luckily I did not say anything too embarrassing and I covered my butt by blaming it on a vicodin I just took. The worst thing I said was that he had the shortest attention span ever but I told him that was pretty much all guys when it comes to texting. Thank goodness I was not saying how cute he is or how much I like him and no details about the other guy.
Well that is all my randomness for now.
Feel free to share funny stories about sending something to the wrong person. Goodnight all

i just typed a …


i am surrounded by sleeping fur babies. my 3 cats. i got 2 at the foot of the and one in a chair. they look so peaceful and cute. i should be going to sleep soon but i am not tired. i probably should not have taken all my medicines with mountain dew. but i have not had a mountain dew for about a week or more and dammit i wanted one. my phone keeps fucking up so that is why this is lowercase and without much punctuation. i did not feel like getting my netbook out.

i am surrounded…

A cautionary tale for young women


here’s a post from my other blog which my followers have not checked out yet, so i’ll make it easier for you.

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Okay, I’m going to jump right in. I got physically involved with someone when i was way too young and the sad thing i was almost 15 now girls are having sex and giving blow jobs at 11 or 12 like it’s nothing. I had my first kiss one week, touched my first penis a few days later and had sex for the first time a few days later after that. I was so starved for some male attention, i let things go way too fast and get totally out of control.  I think the main reason i had sex with him was because i was curious, it wasn’t like i was horny or anything like that. It felt weird, not good and i was not physically or emotionally ready. Of course being a guy he  had to run his mouth at school and totally destroyed my sweet and innocent…

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my phone is pissing me off. i just typed a few sentences and the phone quit working. i have a giant sinus infection that was only found when i had a ct scan of my head done on wednesday. 5 fucking hours in the er and it turns out the pain i have had for a very long time is due to this huge sinus infection. My head hurts so bad and for so long i thought it might be something horrible and deadly like a brain tumor, my grandmother i never got to meet died from cancer, a brain tumor. So thank God it was not a tumor but i want to smack my doctors for not finding this. I’ve been complaining of a terrible pain behind my eye for a year. They throw pain pills at it, vicodin no longer does a damn thing for me. I took one pill, generic for Lortab which i never heard of and didn’t do shit so i too a second one and feel totally fucked up.That damn medicine from last night has me feeling hungover today. What fun and of course the pain is back!



Hey readers sorry I haven’t posted anything for a few days. I have been feeling like shit because I have a giant sinus infection occupying most of my head. I only found this out by spending 5 hours in the er on Wednesday and insisting I have a ct scan of my head because the constant pain behind my left eye was scaring the hell out of me.  I am currently taking an antibiotic, mucinez d which is mucinez combined with sudafed and a pain pill that is classified as a narcotic. I just two of those and feel very drunk. I do not hardly drink alcohol and I feel like I drank 151 vodka which I have not done  probably 6 or 7 years. I walk all messed up and when I close my eyes the room is spinning which makes me nauseous. I just tried to persuade a 21 guy to come over but his car was stolen so he can not drive and if he said he wanted to come over my dumbass self was going to attempt to drive. The hormones are trying to take control again. Oh no. He is very cute and we enjoy talking to each other but he is fresh off a break up and 11 years younger than me.  10 years younger I have done and tried to date which was fucking stupid on my part. I like him and he’s easy to talk to about pretty much anything which i had a guy friend like that but we were more than friends and had sex on and off for 10 years and i was very attached to him. I think i was in love with him and we actually dated officially for about 18 months. We had more sex when we weren’t dating. He said he loved me but wasn’t in love with me. What a crock of shit. No he preferred to fall for alcoholic trashy psycho bitches. After his latest one that he flaunted in my face and that dumped him twice and he acted heart broken i had enough and told him i was fucking done. He spent the money he owed me for bills to get drunk after the bitch dumped him again and they were back together the next damn day. He got two duis in less than 4 months and got locked up. Since he didn’t pay his rent and hadn’t been paying his share for months, i packed up his shit and got a new roommate. I didn’t throw his stuff away i put it in storage. He was locked up for about a month and half, got out and called me. I didn’t answer it, he texted me said get was out. I told him that i had a new roommate for a month and his stuff was in storage. He expected me to just wait around for who knows how long and get into more debt and keep his room for him. Fuck that, besides owing me a lot of money and repeatly breaking my heart over the years, i had to get him of my life before it was ruined or ended by me because of all the pain i went through and would have continued to go through thanks to him and only caring about himself. So he texted me that he fucked up his life and lost a nice place to live. I didn’t even respond to that because he did and he knew it. I have not spoken a word to him in weeks because i know he will try to make me feel bad and sorry for him and try to crash on my couch forever. I have been trying to save him and love him since we were 23 . I’m 33 and he will be by the end of the year and he needs to grow up and take care of himself instead of living off of other people like a damn parasite. I do miss the good parts of him, he is an awesome cook and best sex I’ve ever and i can totally be myself with him and we have fun hanging out talking and watching wrestling and gossip girl. But he completely forgets about me when some trashy bitch comes along and he drinks way too much, quits good jobs and hardly ever pays bills on time and spends his money on alcohol, cigarettes and pot. I work my ass off at a very stressful job because i have obligations , a mortgage, condo fee, car insurance, credit cards, doctor bills, electric bill, gas, groceries, my pets and yeah i like to shop. I can’t tell the people and places i owe money to oh i don’t have it right now, I’ll pay you later.
So yes cutting off contact after 10 years seems kind of cold and it’snot easy for me but i have to take care of me. I am better off without him and his excuses and drama. So i have kind of replaced him with someone who even has the same name but without all the crap and drama.This would be Charming. So i need to tell the hormones to chill so i literally don’t fuck this up.