long weekend


Labor day weekend, Friday night I decided to go hunt down Sherlock Holmes: game of shadows since the one netflix sent me stops every few minutes, considering the movie is over 2 hours long that would have driven me crazy. So left work, checked blockbuster express box and food lion and then screw it and get to target. Took a few minutes to find the movie and they had the first one too. I love the first one and lost track of how many times I watched it on cable. I did not buy it but will in the future. I found cute comfy black moccasins and then got very sidetracked in the underwear section. The cutest colors were either way too small or way too big. Finally find some cute boy shorts with lace on top. While I was searching for underwear I missed a text from the very sexy man Valient I’ve been seeing because the phone was on silent. When I got home I saw it and texted him back but didn’t get a reply. I hate when that happens.
I watched game of shadows, I liked the first one better and I can not believe who they killed off. I won’t tell which character that was in case someone who hasn’t seen it reads this.
Saturday morning i had planned to get up and go to my Moms to work on my blog on an actual computer but my tummy had other plans. It decided I should have painful cramps and camp out in the bathroom. The damn cat pissed on the loveseat cover again so I had to wash it for the third time and throw white vinegar on the loveseat. I put the cat on the porch and started laundry. i guess i did about 3 loads of laundry and ran the dishwasher. Since i felt crappy i stayed in my pajamas. Watched Julie and Julia a couple times . I drank some iced coffee for breakfast. I had a turkey and cheese roll up and shared some turkey with my kitten. When my tummy was feeling better, I was starving so I went to little caesars and got a hot and ready pepperoni pizza and some lemon pepper wings dings . i ate all the wings in one sitting. They were delicious . I forgot what i did Saturday night, i think i was watching Bridget Jones Diary and the sequel. And then probably back to Julie and Julia. Sunday i went to my Mom’s, worked on my blog on her laptop for a little while and then we went to my grandparents for a cookout . It was muggy and a bit buggy because it is next to a pond . Food was great and hanging out with family friends is always fun except for much younger bratty cousins. Of course i ate too much because the lunch food is so good and then you have to squeeze in dessert which there are at least 3 of. Then it started pouring down rain, we were under a pavilion but it was so humid i was ready to go after a few hours. Back to Mom’s, i was so full i flopped in a reclining sofa and watched a sex in the city marathon for about 5 hours, and the best movie Dirty Dancing, love Patrick Swayze, it’s sad that he is no longer with us. We still got his movies though. I think i went to bed at 12. I stayed at my Mom’s because i was too tired to drive and just texted my roommate to feed and water the kitties. I actually slept really good and didn’t wake up at 3, 6, 5 or 7, which is when i usually wake up on the weekend for some odd reason. I don’t get up until almost 8 on the week days. So i got up and went to the kitchen, Mom made waffles with the waffle iron, not the frozen ones. We’re sitting there eating waffles with real maple syrup drinking coffee and the lights flicker twice and then the electricity is gone. Great, so I can’t play on the computer and Mom cannot do any chores. I tried to talk her into going to the movies to see Hope Springs but it didn’t start for a couple hours. I went home to my A/C and have now forgotten what it did.

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