What a night and morning. I was so tired I almost fell asleep before 9:30, but I as I was trying to get ready for bed, I stepped on warm cat shit on my beautiful bedroom rug. I cleaned that up and washed my foot in the bathtub. When I came out of the bathroom and started down the hall, there was 3 puddles of cat vomit. I cleaned that up. Went to the lving room and discovered a big pile of barely eaten food barfed up on the that rug. I cleaned that up and put the barfing and shitting cat in the cat carrier and hoped she didn’t do that nasty stuff again because if she did, it would get on her and she and the carrier would need a bath.
Luckily when I got up at 7 something the carrier was still clean so I let her out and then discovered another pile of shit. This is a big cat and she shits big, my roommate thought someone let a puppy in first time she saw the size of it. I already have one cat that stays in my bathroom when i’m not here and at my bedtime because she thinks I have furniture just so she can piss on it. I already thrown out about 6 hundred worth of furniture because of her ruining it and almost gotten rid of numerous times. There is no easy option, I will never a pet to the pound and I may have a farm option but she’d live on mice and what she can catch and I do not think she would like that. She loves attention from me and she would miss that. So I am taking her to the vet on Saturday to hopefully figure out the problem and why she looks like she swallowed a basketball. So I am on the phone with the vet making my bft “big fuzzy thing” an appt for today and the pee pee monster one for Saturday and my youngest fur baby is throwing up in the shower. Arrgh!!!! These darn furballs need to get jobs to pay for their vet visits.  Just before our appt it starts pouring down rain, that’s what i get for skipping a shower last night. So i get soaking wet walking to the car, two hours later me and the BFT are back in the car with a almost maxed out credit card and expensive ass food. I’m still wet and cold and now very hungry so we hit the McDonald’s drive thru and got a cheeseburger meal. it it still raining and i have to get a cat carrier with 16.4 lb cat, a 4 lb bag of food, a bag of 7 cans of food, mcdonald’s bag and cup of coke plus my heavy ass purse from my car to front door and juggle keys too. we got in, let her loose. Gave my kitten, we’ll just call her Baby, half of can of wet food. That stuff is so gross looking but it doesn’t smell too bad. i measure out dry food for the BFT and PPmonster, they are only supposed to have half of a cup of food a day. no wonder they are so fat, because i probably feed them at least double that. So big cats are now on a diet, let’s home it works for them. The amount of money vet wanted me to spend on all kinds of tests and abdomen x-ray was insane, almost $800, i got it down to less than $180. i had to reschedule the PPmonster’s appt for next Saturday because i don’t paid until next Friday and can’t not get overdrawn again. i’m afraid she made need test to figure out what her problem is, so i definitely need some money. And if they think i’m going have litter boxes all over the house they are nuts, i am not a crazy cat lady and I still try to have a social life and cute guys over so no i am not having 4 litter boxes in my two bedroom condo. 

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  1. Oh, kitties! I have three, I know what they can do to your happy home! I offer cat/dog training sessions on the side of my day job, though, and I can tell you the peeing all over will get better if you have more boxes. And take any hoods you have off them. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but which is worse, having more boxes, or having cats use your whole home as a litter box? Remember, you love your kitties. You love your kitties. 🙂

  2. I had a similar experience of stepping in shit walking down the hall first thing in the morning. Not pleasant. I hope your fur babies are doing okay now. I know how expensive they can get because I have 3 dogs. But we do love them so much that sometimes we pay those outrageous bills. Even $180 is a lot, but I’m glad you didn’t have to pay the full amount!

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