Pain, it sucks


Hey loyal followers I am going try to not to gross you out too bad. Since Saturday morning I having dealing with something that showed up out of nowhere and kept getting bigger and more painful by the day. Monday I decided to the dermatologist to see what the hell it is and how to get of rid of it. I seemed like a giant pimple and it was on my ass. On and left side and in the crack so it hurts like hell to down. And although I was grateful the dermatologist pa could see me on a Monday I had to seat and wait way to long and actually started crying in the waiting room a little bit. I stopped because the place was packed. Well the woman didn’t do much, gave a steroid injection to calm it down some, gave me free samples of an antibiotic, told me to soak in very hot water to get it to open up and had to some office brand benoyl peroxide wash for 13.00. I went home and took the medicine which is a rather large rectangle, yeah that was easy to shallow. I went back home put on some looser pants and tried not to sit. I can lay on my bed and watch movies as long as I keep the the left of my butt in the air. I did soak that night in water so hot I looked and felt like a lobster in a pot. I got up the next morning, woke up by my furry alarm o’clock before 7. I went back to bed and woke up late. I went to work in some dark jeans. When i got there, i was already almost 10 minutes late which makes me flustered and anxious. I sat down a soft pillow I have at my desk, still very painful to sit and no way to prop half of my butt up in my desk chair. My computer wanted to act up, i had to reboot twice and then couldn’t get on any of several systems i need to my damn job. I tried to call the help desk and they had a very long wait time. I hung on for a while and then ate some crackers so i could take some medicine. It was about 40 minutes after i should of been up abduction running and said to myself screw this i am going to ladies room and hung up the phone where i just listening to the same lame recording. We have toilet seat covers that not everbody uses and should instead of peeing all over the place. I got up and saw that the place night before soak had worked some, because the big gross bump has opened up and made a gross mess. I talked to a manager real quick and quickly drove to my regular doctor and again had to seat in the waiting room. My doctor and two nurses looked at the mess, and trying to squeezing more stuff out and then had to cut more out because it spreading out and infecting more area. After they cleaned me up and dressed it , gave me 800 mg Motrin i went to the pharmacy, dropped it off and went to Target got one pair of men’s sweatpants and one pair of women’s . Men’s sweatpants are cheaper but women’s are cuter . I did eat and take a Motrin, took a long nap. I decided to go to eat to my favorite restaurant and go see my new friend and favorite server Charming. So i had to get out of my sweatpants and out on some real pants. I had a couple beyond sucky days and hanging out talking to him makes me smile. So loose jeans, sexy red tank top and off i go. I did try to sit with half my butt in the air, didn’t work too well but i did eat some great food and talking with him is always a joy. So after i had dinner, desert and two sodas i left because i didn’t want to get him in trouble for sitting with me instead of working. Back home i go to soak, put on my other pair of sweatpants on and lay back down. I slept well until the cute little furry alarm clock Baby decided at 6:52, she was ready for breakfast. Went back to bed for awhile tried sitting in a chair,owwww, not happening and my whole hurts, feel like total crap still. I called into work. I eat some breakfast so i could take my medicine. Soaked again. Talked to a friend on the phone for awhile. About 11am, the Motrin kicked in and i didn’t wake up until a little after five pm. The Motrin and the infection caused really weird dreams. My next few days consisted of the same thing, medicine, sleeping, eating a lit bit , and trying to work on my blog.  But i was just texting back and forth with Charming  until Friday night when i went back for dinner, dessert to go, 3 glasses of sweet tea and of course his wonderful company.

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