my phone is pissing me off. i just typed a few sentences and the phone quit working. i have a giant sinus infection that was only found when i had a ct scan of my head done on wednesday. 5 fucking hours in the er and it turns out the pain i have had for a very long time is due to this huge sinus infection. My head hurts so bad and for so long i thought it might be something horrible and deadly like a brain tumor, my grandmother i never got to meet died from cancer, a brain tumor. So thank God it was not a tumor but i want to smack my doctors for not finding this. I’ve been complaining of a terrible pain behind my eye for a year. They throw pain pills at it, vicodin no longer does a damn thing for me. I took one pill, generic for Lortab which i never heard of and didn’t do shit so i too a second one and feel totally fucked up.That damn medicine from last night has me feeling hungover today. What fun and of course the pain is back!

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