A cautionary tale for young women


here’s a post from my other blog which my followers have not checked out yet, so i’ll make it easier for you.

KessieJ's Blog

Okay, I’m going to jump right in. I got physically involved with someone when i was way too young and the sad thing i was almost 15 now girls are having sex and giving blow jobs at 11 or 12 like it’s nothing. I had my first kiss one week, touched my first penis a few days later and had sex for the first time a few days later after that. I was so starved for some male attention, i let things go way too fast and get totally out of control.  I think the main reason i had sex with him was because i was curious, it wasn’t like i was horny or anything like that. It felt weird, not good and i was not physically or emotionally ready. Of course being a guy he  had to run his mouth at school and totally destroyed my sweet and innocent…

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