i just typed a freakin paragraph and the damn phone lost it. screw this phone.

Fine I will type it again. I got 3 sleeping kitties in my room. Two on the bed and one in the chair. One long haired tabby. A short haired tabby and a pastel calico. All girls. I should be trying to fall asleep but my silly self drank mountain dew with my medicines after 9pm. I was tired of water and ginger ale and wanted a mountain dew dammit. I saw the movie the lucky efron today it was good but of course had sad stuff because all of Nicholas sparks books do. I am amazed a man writes stuff sensitive emotional stories. I never watched any complete high school musical movies because for the most part I hate musicals except for the sound of music. But Zach Efron has grown into a very good looking man.
Alright my fellow bloggers have you been texting a couple people at once and sent a text to the wrong person? I did the other day I was texting my gal pal  and Charmimg and I send him the message I meant for her and he was mentioned in the text and another guy. Luckily I did not say anything too embarrassing and I covered my butt by blaming it on a vicodin I just took. The worst thing I said was that he had the shortest attention span ever but I told him that was pretty much all guys when it comes to texting. Thank goodness I was not saying how cute he is or how much I like him and no details about the other guy.
Well that is all my randomness for now.
Feel free to share funny stories about sending something to the wrong person. Goodnight all

i just typed a …

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