The universe is fucking with me. I leave my brother’s house trying to get back to town before my favorite waiter leaves work. I have to stop because two dogs the appear to hooked up to underground electric fence have escaped they had antennas on them. The first moved out the road the second one did not and I had to honk and honk at it. Then I hauled ass down dark curvy roads and made it to the city and got stuck and the longest damn light ever. I park and try to peek in to see if Charming is in there but I don’t see him. I have to pee so I go in use the bathroom come out and there he is. Yea! He takes me to a table and I asked if he got his last text. He pulls the phone out of his apron and I tell him what it says. Basically I understand you gotta work at 8 am tomorrow but the movie we had planned to watch is less than 2 hours and I will bring him back home. He says ok but he needs to go home and shower change clothes and to come pick him at 10 or 10:15. I say ok. Eat my chocolate cake and get my tea and turkey club to go. Give him his usual nice tip and head home. I decide to stop by wawa and get a six-pack of one of his favorite beers and I got me some paradise punch thing not I would drink and drive.I have a terrible headache and my stomach starts feeling upset. Also happens when I am excited about a guy. Most people get butterflies. I swear I get big flapping birds in my stomach. So I go home and have to kill like over an hour. I take some medicine for my head and hope my stomach does not act up. I am worried he is going to text and cancel which would really suck. This is our first time hanging out together and not the talking we get to do while he is working. I have cleaned the house today and shaved most of my legs. Ladies you know what shaving the legs means when you have a guy over. I did not shave them all the  way because I like this guy and I do not want to fuck it up. I really want to kiss him he has very kissable lips a nice full bottom lip that I can imagine nibbling on. So I manage to keep myself occupied until about 9:43. Then I leave the house and on down the road. My stomach is still feeling weird and I really hope I do not have to take a crap. He texts me says 10:15 works better so I am driving in circles around town for about 10 to 15 minutes. About 10:02 I call him because I am tired of driving around. He gives me directions. I get into the apartment complex and actually park right in front of his building which I didn’t know the number to. I am sitting there and he texts me he will be out in a few his roommate asked him to tidy up. So I am sitting in the car still nervous. I turn the car off but not the headlights. I turn them off and go to start the car it won’t start. I text him that I am out front but the car just died. Luckily I have jumper cables. One of his neighbors gets home has to drive over the curb and into the grass and jumps the car. Me and charming get into the car and I turn on the nights and the fucking dies again. So they’re like its the alternator not the battery so jumping won’t help because the battery won’t stay charged. Its almost 10:30 now and I’m totally screwed so luckily I have triple a so we go into charmings apartment and sit down. I get to meet one of the roommates. I call triple a and the woman tells me 45 minutes minutes. So we are waiting and talking. His roommate goes to take a shower so we are alone together. I am too freaking out about towing the car and having to get it fixed with fucking money I don’t have to even think about flirting with him much less trying to kiss him. The roommates takes a quick shower and is back in the room. Towing service calls says 10 or 15 minutes so we talk for a while longer and then go outside where the truck is waiting. We start walking to my car and the tow truck turns off. We like don’t tell me the tow truck just died. It didn’t and we got the car loaded it up. Charming gave a hug which felt nice and told me good luck with the car. So I get a ride with the nice tow truck man and we chatted about some of his towing ventures. I get home and get the car in a visitor spot. I am so dissappointed because I didn’t get to bring charming home give him his favorite beer and watch american reunion. By the way the dvd player is my bedroom so we would have on the bed drinking and watching a movie which in the past always leads to at least some kissing. Oh well another time. Well maybe the universe wasn’t fucking with me and it was helping me because stomach really was upset and I just blew up the toilet good. That would have embarrassing to have to hang out on the toilet with him here. But still I am upset and frustrated.

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    • Thanks and no it’s not wrong that you know what it means when a woman shaves her legs, just make you get you the greenlight first. Because sometimes we shave them just in case but haven’t completely made up our mind yet.

  1. That’s a shame that things did not work out!! But glad you had a good outlook on it. But sure things in the future will be better between you two!! Good luck. 🙂

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