long time no post


Sorry folks I have been not felt like blogging for the last few days. Sunday started out bad but ended pretty darn good. I got another call from a mystery number at 8:30am. I am not a morning person and do not to disturbed before 9 or 10 on the weekend. I decided to call this number back and “rip them a new one” in case you haven’t heard the phrase basically you cuss someone out very loudly. It turns out it is american eagle credit services and they are I got their automated system. I was a ditz and kind of broke so I didn’t even give them the minimum balance for the past two months. Whoops. I haven’t even shopped there since last fall and the keep sending mail and email to use my store credit card. I am not using it and just paying the damn thing off. So I paid them over the minimum over the phone even though I don’t have it. I keep getting strange ailments and missed over a week of a work so the paycheck was shitty. I then paid my hospital bill from a unexpected surgery last september. I only have 18 dollars left to go now. After I paid these bills I called my Mother who I had been keep big some stuff from, the fact that i missed over a week of work and that i my paycheck was gonna be less than half of the usual and that had some bills i hadn’t paid in two months . so after i spilled all this and cried and got off the phone i had a full blown panic attack . Anyone who has had panic attacks knows that they are terrifying , it feels like a heart attack but it was the right side of my chest and couldn’t catch my breath and got really hot and sweaty. i poured cold water on my head and laid on the floor. i will tell you about the good part of my day later.Well i texted with one of my best friends, and wanted to see if she wanted to come over.
I had to stay at home because my Mom and her wonderful boyfriend were coming over to look at my car and try to figure out what was wrong with it. It was a completely dead battery, it gave me five years so we got a new one and he put it in for me and checked a few other things under the hood and everything else looked good. So that was a relief, it was not too expensive to fix the problem. i got a text from Valient while i waiting for the car to be diagnosed. He texted me the night before but of course i was in the country and left my phone in the car so i missed the text by like 4 hours. I saw it when i was going ready to see Charming. Ok in case anybody thinks i am a two timer, i am not me and R have not defined the relationship. I mean our first date was at a restaurant and the rest has been hanging out and having sex twice every time we see each other which is about once a month his military schedule permitting and me not being sick. He is also almost a hour from me. Neither one of us has brought up the topic of  being exclusive or labeling what we have so yeah i got no problem hanging out with a very sweet cute guy that is about 5 – 10 minutes away. So Valient texted me and we were texting for a while and he asked about coming over later that day. I was supposed to see him the weekend before but we were both sick so that didn’t happen and it had been like a month and a half so i said sure. Since he told me to be naked when he got there i knew what our plans were and was fine with that  because i got needs and sometimes feel like i got the hormones of a 16 year old boy. My brain likes to live in the gutter and i am not ashamed to say so, some kind of sexual monster was awaken one very drunk night when i was 23.

I was worried that he would arrive before my car got fixed and he showed up and we were having sex and then my mother and boyfriend showed up to fix the car that would have been very bad. Well it didn’t happen that way, the way fixed about 2 or 3 hours before he arrived. I couldn’t answert the door naked because i have to buzz him into the building and sometime the doors sticks but i was close how pink sheer nightie and thong to match. He kept touching the door while i was trying to open it with the buzzer and getting a little annoyed. I was like don’t touch the door for a second i can’t come down there because i am not wearing much and we have kids in the building and it’s still daytime. So he finally gets in the door, gives me a really great kiss and hug and back to my room we go. I got the fans on and the sexy playlist on the ipod going  because the obnoxious very loud lady upstairs and her son who is like 7 are home. I am not trying to have little kids hear sex noises but that pretty much goes out the window in 2 seconds because my bed is so squeaky. So first time was pretty good, kind of quick but it had been over a month for us so that’s okay. We laid in bed and talked some and other times just cuddled and staying quiet which is also nice. I decided after a while that i was ready for round two so i went under the sheet and gave him a a fucking awesome blow job, a skill i have perfected over the years and the guys are like wow, holy fuck! He actually kisses me after blow jobs which not guys will do, i mean he hadn’t cum yet . So the first time was missionary and the second time was doggy style that i don’t have a problem with until it gets too fast and hard  because i will be feeling that for the a few days. Other than that sometimes fine line between pleasure and pain, it was awesome, he ‘s very good. We laid around and talked a little bit more, he may have to transfer to another state in several months so that is another reason i keep my options open and very glad i met Charming. So we throw clothes back on and kiss goodbye. He’ll let me know when he’s got the weekend off again.

Charming and i were texting each other between the car getting fixed and the hot sex of the early evening.

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