i wonder


ok there is one thing from last Saturday night that I have been wondering about. When Charming came outside to get in my car and head back to my place he had a plastic bag like you get from the grocery with stuff in it. He told me had to go to work at 8 the next day and hanging out to have some beers and watch a 2 hour movie was fine as long as he got 6 hours of sleep. I did not get to his apartment until about 10:15 because he had to shower so he didn’t smell like the restaurant and change his clothes. It was nice seeing him out of work clothes. So what was in the bag? He knows I like him and we have flirted some. Alright my readers that are guys in your 20s since a cell phone,lighter and cigarettes all fit in jeans what else was he bringing with him, your guesses and thoughts would be appreciated.
The movie and a six pack of one of his favorite beers were at my house. He just turned 22 a few days ago.

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  1. Just a thought – condoms can fit into your pocket too – although they might rip. If the bag was bulging, perhaps he had a box of ’em. Then again, he may have had some clothes in there. Your guess is as good as mine. Also, I apologise if any remarks in this comment have tarnished your blog with impure thoughts.

    • Thanks for your thoughts.
      I was thinking clothes, condoms and tooth brush. no you didn’t tarnished my blog with impure thoughts i already have those and have my blogs marked as mature. did you go back and read the rest of long time no post because that had some sex in it.

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