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Trying to summarize last week a week later is a little but challenging because i have been on a shitload of medication. I got my regular pills, a preventative medicine, mucinex and sudafed and a strong antibiotic because the bacteria infection in my left butt cheek was not completely gone and came back Sunday night it just moved up higher and over to the left two inches. So tried soaking that sunday night to get it to open it and help get the yucky stuff out. Didn’t work, i went to work on Monday and i feel it getting worse as the day went on, it gets more painful and hot. I went to work and worked for about half and hour and then my boss that i needed to go to the doctor because the last time i had this condition it got so bad i missed a week of work. So i went to the doctor  he looked at it , gave me prescription and told me to soak in very hot water. I went back to work . I soaked in super hot water monday and tuesday night and the damn absess got worse and wouldn’t open up so after lunch on wednesday i was like 2 minutes from work and almost started crying from pain and frustration so i turned around and went to the doctor. I told him soaking hadn’t done any good, he looked at it and said no it was getting worse, the skin should have been getting thinner over it but it was getting thicker so he cut it open and got some of the yucky stuff out and put gause and bandaid on it. I called work didn’t go into any detail because it doesn’t matter anyway and it’s gross. I went back home, put on some jammie pants, nice and loose and laid down. I was debating on whether or not i wanted to go to see Charming because he always puts a smile on my face, i decided to wait a few hours and hope they weren’t to busy. Well put i put on some jeans and cute tank top and i almost missed him. He was outside smoking because he had just been cut and had to do a few more things and then he could leave. He gives me a hug as soon as i walk to him so that was great. We got to talk some outfront and then i met two of his best friends that were there to take him for his birthday. I talked to them a little bit until Charming had to go back in the restaurant got busy, always good to get in good with the friends. So he seated me and then took over the cash register for awhile. I ate pretty darn quick and then got to talk to him at the register for a few which is when he agreed we definitely had to redo saturday night since we didn’t get to my house and couldn’t watch a movie and have some beers. I also gave him a little birthday present when i saw him after i got my hug. We texted  a little bit later than night and then on Thursday his actual birthday. I stayed home Thursday because i felt like crap the butt absess, the sinuses and i felt dizzy every time i got up and my head hurt really bad. Friday i went back to work which wasn’t too bad until i sat down wrong and almost screamed. After work i headed to my favorite restaurant where i got seated in what i hoped was Charming’s section. It was me and old people, apartly a wild group of of senior citizens according to Charming when he came back there. I decided to get to get the seafood buffet because it looked good and i like seafood except for fish. Well i got to see Charming a lot because he is very good server and checks on people often. In between checking on the other customers and his other duties he actually sits down with me and talks. After a while the back room is empty except for me, one old couple stiffed him but leaving him a dollar. The group of wild fun older people left him 10, there was two tables in their group so not too bad. He cleans up his section except for my table and asked me to go get another plate with shrimp and oysters and cocktail sauce because he hasn’t eaten all day. So i do that and i left him talk me into dessert because management is pushing them to sell desserts. I have already had two plates of seafood so i am pretty darn full but i try to help him out so i say bring me  dessert and a box so i don’t have to eat it all then. Well since i am his section now, he gets to seat down with me and eat and chat while i try to eat some evil chocolate syrupy cake with ice cream. I am trying to determine what color his eyes are because they look like a combo of a couple colors. Finally i got to ask and he says they’re green. They looked kind of green with some grey or light blue, they are very pretty. So after like an hour and a half i am so full i’m going to return to my pajama pants and he has to go back to work because he’s closing. He also has to pack and move the next day. He’s moving downtown where i haven’t even driven to in the last 7 years and a kind of scary neighborhood. I told him when we hang out after he’s off from work he is going to need to bring a backpack and he can shower and change clothes at my place because i’m scared to go downtown and i cannot parallel park. He said okay. i went home and should have got in the tub and soaked my butt but i was so full all i could do was take off the jeans and put on some sweatpants and lay on my bed. Charming and I texted some more that night, we have almost 600 texts and we’ve only been talking for a month. Later that night i hear someone throwing up right outside my window, turns out to be my roommate. She was visiting her nephew and a kid that was also there was projectile vomiting  and got her nephew, his parents and her sick. I tried to hide in my room away from the germs and told her to help to herself to anything i got in the fridge or pantry that could hold down. Her very sweet boyfriend stayed with her for two and half days taking care of her and keeping her company. Saturday  morning i escaped and went to my Mom’s to flee the germs and get on her computer  to clean out email and work on my blogs. I got more email deleted and moved to folders than blogging and her computer kept getting hot so i had to take a break and actually grabbed a little bottle of water and walked up and down the long drive way until my water ran out. Then when my Mom got home we hung out talking and getting some lunch. I thought about staying the night to work on a sewing project but decided to go home. Saturday night i started feeling kind of sick and the roommate had a tv show on the phone super loud, i have sensitive ears so i don’t blast music and the t.v. is never very loud. I’m feeling queasy and my head is throbbing and i almost went off on her but i did not. I asked nicely to please turn it down. When i can every word some one is saying when i got a movie, two fans on and my door closed it’s too damn loud. So i was trying to have a harry potter marathon, wasn’t hardly paying attention because i felt crappy and got through the first two. I did have a stomach issue for a while, took some imodium ad and went to bed. Sunday morning, i was woke up by a cat barfing in the hallway, can cats catch the flu? I cleaned that up, feed adn water the other cats and went back to bed until about 12:15. I woke up starving because i hadn’t eaten since like 8 the night before, i decided to do a quick sink bath, throw on some perfume and go get some lunch so i could take all my medicine and see Charming. The place was packed, i did get a seat  and i saw him a couple times, he got to smile and wave once and then got to walk over and speak for a minute. I ate my lunch and left because they were crazy busy and he still had two hours left of work. I didn’t want to go home yet, i was still trying to hide from the flu germs and i had given my roommate who was feeling better lysol wipes and asked her nicely to wipe everything down because i’m sure the bathroom was especially scary. I made the mistake of going into to target i was looking for one thing and ended up spending about $70 more dollars than i planned to. I didn’t get some beautiful lavendar converse low top sneakers for about $10 on clearance, they are usually $40. I got a pretty, super soft sweater and two tanks because i love tanks and the first Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law that i have wanted to buy for months. So i came home, house was cleaner, roommate felt better so she went off to work, and her boyfriend left. I decided to spray lysol on every door knob, appliance handle and knob and sinks faucets just in case and then i washed my hair and soaked my butt until my fingers were very pruny. Put on some loose comfy clothes and did a lot of laundry and watched Sherlock Holmes. Charming and i texted some after he was home from work, he did very well on tips from the crazy busy shift. He is moved in to the new place, 3 people in a one bedroom apartment , i don’t know how that is going to work.

I drank a Mountain Dew after 7pm which i should not have done, but dammit i was tired of water . I fixed rice-a roni and a chicken pattie in the microwave for dinner, took all my medicine, drank chamomile tea and my bedtime meds including two sleep aids and could not fall asleep, i kept looking at the clock and i was up until at least 3 or 3:30. I got less than 5 hours of sleep and woke up feeling like hell and was cold and hot at the same time so i called into work and went back to bed until 3:30.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better now!! And glad to hear that things are going good with Charming. Can’t wait to hear how things progress between you two. Sounds like definite possibilities!! 🙂

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