Really ?


I went back to work today. The only pain I had was the terrible pain behind my left eye that never seems to go away for long. I feel like I am drowning in fucking inquiries at work and being in a call center I don’t get enough time to work them and then get old and pile up like a mountain of crap on my head. After lunch my head hurt so bad I took 800 mg motrin. I thought I saw some pink spots on my hand but ignored them as the day wore on I notice red spots on both arms and my chest and stomach. I was like what the hell. My regular closes at 5 so I had to go patient first which I dreaded because they took 1 to 2 hours. I haven’t seen Charming since Friday night so I was going to see him red spots and all. Well patient first took about a hour and a half and I was getting so frustrated I almost walked out. Finally a little after 8 doctor comes in and looks at the medicine I have been taking and informs that bactrim the antibiotic I have been taking for over a week to get rid of my bacteria infection in my left butt cheek has something called sulfa and some people are allergic to it but the reaction doesn’t show up until you have been on it for awhile. I am allergic to it because I have red somewhat itchy spots all over my body. So the doctor told me not to take the last bactrim because it make the rash worse. He prescribed prednisone which makes you very hungry and told me take some benadryl. The prednisone is fucking nasty tasting.
So I got to cvs get my medicine and head to go see Charming and the is a left turn to get to the restaurant that is always fucked up. I mean all the other lights turn green twice before this damn thing changes. I get to the restaurant and Charming and most of the night crew are standing outside having a smoke break. Charming says I got 10 minutes until closing. I didn’t know it closed at 9 on Wednesday because it usually closes at 10. He came inside with me and told my order the cook and got me some sweet tea and then went to finish his cigarette. Then he came back him I told him he could box my sandwich and fries. He sat down and we talked for a few minutes. Hopefully we can catch up this weekend to do our beer movie thing but he doesn’t have him schedule yet. He cashed me out and I gave him nice tip and we hugged goodbye. So that is hug number 3.

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