Can’t sleep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s 6:17am and I can’t go to sleep I have been up since 8:05am I think. I have taken 15 pills between 9:15am and 11:00pm. 3 Prednisone, 3librax  for my ibs 3 zovirax to prevent cold sores , 2 benadryl for the rash my antibiotic for my bacteria infection in butt cheek caused, 1effexor xr my antidepressant/ headache preventor which does not help with my headaches and 2 trazadones that a sedative to help me sleep. After the first 9 pills I almost passed out at work. Luckily I was sitting in my chair and just got off a call. The room started spinning and I got dizzy and light headed I still had about 2 hours of work left.  Work lasted longer because the fucking calls just kept coming in. So I left about 20 minutes late. I decided to go Charming because as ya’ll know just one look at him makes me smile and feel better. He saw me walk through the door and from the kitchen gave me this I’m watching you gesture that Robert DeNiro gave Ben Stiller in the meet the parents movies. That made me smile.  The hostess was checking someone out so he hollers the corner to walk around the bar and go grab a seat behind the buffet that was his section. So I did and I had a cheesy line worked out to throw at him about i how I wanted something sweet but he was not on the menu. Didn’t get to use though there was people infront and back of us.  I did sit down for a few minutes and talked and then took my order some milk, giant hot chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream on top. He put the order on and took care of the other two tables and a third one came in so his whole section was full. When he went back to the kitchen I heard somebody say they were going rotate sections because he couldn’t sit and talk to me the whole time. Luckily they were kidding because I would of pissed off. Well he is certainly capable of taking care of me and his other 3 tables and still being able to sit briefly and talk to me.  So my dessert was really good and I finished it got my check and he told me to meet him upfront. I sat down upfront waited to take over the register and paid my bill and left him his usual very nice tip. I know he lives on tips like my roommate does and he just had to move to a sketchy part of town with two roommates in a one bedroom apartment and he saving for a .357 gun. So when we do hang out again hopefully this weekend we are chilling at my nice condo in a none scary area because I don’t like downtown.  His boss is being slow with the schedule so we don’t have a plan yet and getting guys to make plan instead of spur of the moment decision is a challenge and frustrating. I mean I still got his favorite beer in the fridge and
American Reunion the lastest american pie movie for about 2 weeks now. Netflix probably thinks I run off with it. So I just need just Charming. He has to pack a backpack with clothes and whatever he is bringing because I am not going to the ghetto especially after 10pm.

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    • I feel better and we were texting yesterday until after 1am. He was babysitting last night after work, he loves kids. So I’m still hoping for seeing him tonight. I will keep you posted. have a great weekend!

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