Saw Charming Monday and Wednesday night. Monday took him cz studs which he put in right away and really liked and thanked  me for and had dessert . I went home and he called me so i had to go back after closing and get my credit card, gave him two beers and i got my fourth hug, he smelled really good not like food. Wednesday night was breakfast for dinner. I had to make a couple stops before I could go see him including going home to change my jeans and get him more candied apples. Well I am seated and he comes over I asked him for some chocolate milk he gets that and I get my first plate. He sits down across me in the booth and he’s making grumbling noises so I ask him what’s wrong and he says that there is lady customer being a total bitch to everybody. There pretty slow which is not good for tips but its good for me because he sits down with me and we can talk. I had been really hungry from the damn Prednisone in my system I took my last one on Monday but apparently it hangs out for awhile. So I ate four plates of food and two glasses of chocolate milk. My second one was free. There are no free refills on chocolate milk but since I treat him so good he got me another glass and didn’t charge me for it. Well I had been having a tummy issue where I hadn’t taken a crap in days probably the damn medicine but as soon as I finished my second glass of milk I had to go. I just made it the bathroom when not only did I get to go poop but a wave of nausea hit me too and I started sweating like crazy. When I felt it was safe to leave the bathroom I had to ask for a cup of ice water. Charming was in the kitchen doing something so I paid my bill and snuck back to the kitchen area got his attention and almost gave him two fives instead of one which would have been a 100% tip. I still felt of sick so I sat in the parking lot for a couple minutes with the windows down and drinking my ice water. I got home and laid down. We texted a little bit that night.

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