Well hurricane sandy did do much near my city except lots of rain and some crazy whistling wind. I still need to put the balcony furniture back. I woke up with a very bad sore throat that seems to come and go since last Monday. With a job that requires talking for about 7 hours a day which would hurt and possibly cause me to lose to my voice I decided to stay home. I went to the doctor this morning and it is not strep or thrush. Basically it hurts and I can’t seem to cough the phlem up. Doctor told me to take clartin or allegra to get rid of the histamine that it making my throat itchy. Well I have benadryl at home and it says it will help with a itchy throat so I took that. It did not tell me it was gonna knock me out. I think I fell asleep about 11 and didn’t wake up until 2:30. I ate a mcdonalds bacon,egg  and cheese biscuit and a hot mocha for breakfast after I left the doctor. I had a text from Charming from after midnight that I didn’t see until this morning. I figured i’d go see him and get early dinner before they got busy plus I slept through lunch. It is cold and rainy today so no point in doing much to my hair. Jeans, tank  and my CM  PUNK zipped hoodie and of course my converse. Well I get there and he is outside having a smoke so we talked a little bit until he finished and then we went inside. I talked to his manager and one of his good friends and was seated. I hadn’t really decided what I wanted to eat yet so I got a sweet tea and let Charming take care of another table while I decided. The plus was so not busy I had the attention of Charming, his manager and another server.I had some pictures to show them and we talked about going to chill at a bar this weekend since my friend Zoey is going to be kid free. So I decided on my food and of course had dessert and got to talk to all my restaurant buddies. Well the place picked up some after about an hour or so I paid my check and Charming appeared out of nowhere and gave me my goodbye hug and said see you soon. So I have a full tummy and good mood. I came home and feed my fur babies. And we watched the last two episodes of season 2 of true blood. I took and shower and washed my hair. I need to touch up a couple finger nails. My throat still hurts and been able to cough up some of the stuff but not all. I am hoping that sudafed will help because I think its a post nasal drip. Yeah snot in my throat . Yuck.

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