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I’ve been naughty


So if you read the Charming post, you know I’ve seen him almost every day. Well my hot military man and part time lover texts me last night right after the first time i see and talk to Charming. Well folks i haven’t had sex in almost 2 months and when my sexy tatted man asked if i was free i thought about and then said yes. The timing was crazy, i had to get home, shower and shave, get some needed lovin from him, kiss himĀ  goodbye, shower again and get back to Charming because he’s still in pain from the beat up body and broken nose so i am assisting him with some medicine. He has to work Thanksgiving and the day after while i am eating yummy food with my family. I am trying to chill with him after he gets off of work. Well Thursday night i get to see Charming dressed up, white button down shirt and tie, fresh hair cut and cleaned up goatee and mustache. They were very busy and he was wore out and tired so i did not to bring him home with me. Friday i went shopping and replaced his big ass CZ studs, one got lost during the fight. I headed out to the country and spent a few hours with me family and family friends, i got some homemade chili and Brunswick stew for Charming and something special to drink. He got locked out of his apartment Thursday night and got like no sleep so Friday night after he got off work he was going home and going to sleep. He slept for a while and then texted me that he ate the Brunswick stew for a midnight snack and drank his apple pie drink for a nightcap and thanked me again for both if them. Saturday i had to go back the store where i got the CZ studs because i got a pair of pink sparkly converse that i thought were the wrong size. They were not i was too lazy to untie them because i slide the rest of my sneakers on. I am on the way to my best friends house and Charming calls me. I have to call him back and put him on speaker without wrecking the car. He needs a ride to work so he isn’t fired for being late. I have to turn around and go downtown to get him through a shitload of traffic lights, cars parked on the street and 35 speed limit. I get there 2 minutes before he is supposed to be at work. So he is stressing and smoking like a chimney. I missed the turn to get on the interstate and have to make the long slow ride until we get to a different road then I am speeding 10 to 15 miles over the speed limit and he is still like 13 minutes late. I threw him out at the front door and he thanked me and gave me a hug. When I agreed to come get him I told him he owed me a sleep over. We have hung out on my bed and watched movies twice but he has not stayed over yet. After i dropped him off i went to my best friend’s house. We are hanging out trying to decide what we want to do when i get a text from a mutual friend of Charming and I that says I heard you may be getting lucky tonight. So Charming had decided he was going to sleep over at my house. Well of course I am all happy and excited and nervous for the next 5 hours but when we go see him at work to get a confirmation from him he is a bad mood because he got in trouble for being late and was stiffed twice. So he was going home and going to sleep. So I was kind of pissed but tried to act like I wasn’t. We texted some later that night. I saw him and we talked Sunday afternoon. I almost got to have lunch with him Monday before he went to work, his friend waits until Charming is off the phone to say oh man i can take you to work and the bank. So instead i had to see him at work we got to talk because it was almost dead at that time of day but not the same as being away from his job. I felt crappy on Tuesday so i didn’t see him but we texted Tuesday night. And i saw him Wednesday got a couple hugs and nice kiss on the cheek and texted once he was off. We texted Thursday and then got to see him at night, talked and more hugs. No kisses infront of his manager that is not a good friend of ours. Some texting last night. We talked on the phone last night too.



I’ve seen Charming almost every day between work, friend’s house and my house. Yes i finally got to bring him home with me. It was Monday night, he wasn’t working so i picked him up from his apartment, we had a little interstate trouble and then laid on my bed and watched Project X. We were cuddled up together and when were getting ready to leave my house, we were hugging and i stepped back and looked into his pretty green eyes and kissed him. He kissed me back for a minutes, we had to stop so he didn’t get too worked up. Between the car ride and when i dropped off at our friend’s house, we were together for like 3 hours. We had a late lunch together Sunday afternoon and had a good time talking . Our hugs have included kisses on the cheek for about a week or so. We hung out some last Wednesday and Thursday night. We also went to a party Saturday night but some sucky shit went down Thursday night and Saturday. But we’re good now and still texting up a storm. I didn’t see him last Friday but i have Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. We just texted Friday because i missed him at work. I saw him Saturday night at work, he had a very rough Friday night, got belligerent drunk and got his ass whupped by one of our friends , he doesn’t remember anything after he started drinking a bottle of southern comfort. Our mutual friend texted me about this when i asked how the party was, so i had to go see how beat him up he is. I walked into the restaurant last night and oh my God, his face and neck are bruised and terribly scratched, his nose was broken, missing a chunk under his chin and dried blood on the back head where it was slammed into asphalt. He gave a hug and i got a little bit of blood on my shirt probably from his chin. My best friend whose husband is an Army medic came to the restaurant after it closed and reset his nose. I took Charming home with me to watch Contraband and to lay down. With all various pain issues i had have this year i have a shit load of pain pills, so i hooked him up. Turned off the lights and laid next to him. As much as i wanted to he was too hurt to make a move on him. I really wanted him to spend the night but i had to drop him at our friend’s house at like 1:30 am. I should have drugged him up more so he fell asleep. So now i have a Charming scented pillow, the scent is Old Spice Swagger. When i dropped him off we hugged and had a quick kiss and he asked if he’d see me tomorrow (which is today ) i told him maybe. Well i saw him for dinner Sunday night, got to talk some and i got my goodbye hug. We texted some after that and texted on Monday and i saw him for dinner Monday night, i got a hug hello and two goodbye hugs and we talked some between the hugs. We texted on Tuesday but i didn’t go see him because i felt like crap and so nauseated i could barely eat. I saw him twice on Wednesday, got to talk some and got like 3 hugs. He got a hair cut and is looking damn sexy, not that i don’t find him sexy with his hair a little fuzzy.



Charming and i got drunk and made out twice. In between the making out he told we couldn’t have sex that night because he was too drunk. The first time was in the kitchen what started out as a long lingering hug turned into me licking both sides of his neck and then i looked into his gorgeous green eyes and our lips met. It felt so good i didn’t want it to ever end but we were standing in the kitchen at a friend’s house so it did when her roommate came around the corner. About 2:25 am i had sort of sobered up enough to drive the short distance back to house. Charming asked if i wanted him to walk me to my car. Since it was the middle of the night and i wanted to kiss him some more, i said “yes please”. Well we got out of the front door and i was kind of stumbling down the walkway so he had to had to hold on to me. I would have stayed longer but i did have to be at work at 9am. So we get to my car, i don’t even open my door, we’re hugging goodbye which lead to kissing, hotter kissing than the kitchen because involved him grabbing my ass and breasts that were about to pop out of my shirt. I have not wanted someone soo bad in a long ass time. So one last kiss goodnight and i told him I’d text him when i got home. He said yes”you better”. I drove home pretty slow hoping for no cops, it’s less than 3 minutes from my place. I got in the door and to my room at 2:30 and texted him i was home and goodnight with a kissy smiley face. He texted me goodnight with an exclaimaction point.
Every time i think about those hot moments i get all warm and tingly. He is really good kisser and i was right about that full bottom lip, very soft and kissable and nice to suck and nibble on.

I had one shot of 93% dark rum that Charming who was dressed up as a sexy pirate brought. I had brought the beer i got him like a month ago because i was tired of seeing it in my fridge. I also drank my can of paradise punch.