Charming and i got drunk and made out twice. In between the making out he told we couldn’t have sex that night because he was too drunk. The first time was in the kitchen what started out as a long lingering hug turned into me licking both sides of his neck and then i looked into his gorgeous green eyes and our lips met. It felt so good i didn’t want it to ever end but we were standing in the kitchen at a friend’s house so it did when her roommate came around the corner. About 2:25 am i had sort of sobered up enough to drive the short distance back to house. Charming asked if i wanted him to walk me to my car. Since it was the middle of the night and i wanted to kiss him some more, i said “yes please”. Well we got out of the front door and i was kind of stumbling down the walkway so he had to had to hold on to me. I would have stayed longer but i did have to be at work at 9am. So we get to my car, i don’t even open my door, we’re hugging goodbye which lead to kissing, hotter kissing than the kitchen because involved him grabbing my ass and breasts that were about to pop out of my shirt. I have not wanted someone soo bad in a long ass time. So one last kiss goodnight and i told him I’d text him when i got home. He said yes”you better”. I drove home pretty slow hoping for no cops, it’s less than 3 minutes from my place. I got in the door and to my room at 2:30 and texted him i was home and goodnight with a kissy smiley face. He texted me goodnight with an exclaimaction point.
Every time i think about those hot moments i get all warm and tingly. He is really good kisser and i was right about that full bottom lip, very soft and kissable and nice to suck and nibble on.

I had one shot of 93% dark rum that Charming who was dressed up as a sexy pirate brought. I had brought the beer i got him like a month ago because i was tired of seeing it in my fridge. I also drank my can of paradise punch.

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