I’ve seen Charming almost every day between work, friend’s house and my house. Yes i finally got to bring him home with me. It was Monday night, he wasn’t working so i picked him up from his apartment, we had a little interstate trouble and then laid on my bed and watched Project X. We were cuddled up together and when were getting ready to leave my house, we were hugging and i stepped back and looked into his pretty green eyes and kissed him. He kissed me back for a minutes, we had to stop so he didn’t get too worked up. Between the car ride and when i dropped off at our friend’s house, we were together for like 3 hours. We had a late lunch together Sunday afternoon and had a good time talking . Our hugs have included kisses on the cheek for about a week or so. We hung out some last Wednesday and Thursday night. We also went to a party Saturday night but some sucky shit went down Thursday night and Saturday. But we’re good now and still texting up a storm. I didn’t see him last Friday but i have Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. We just texted Friday because i missed him at work. I saw him Saturday night at work, he had a very rough Friday night, got belligerent drunk and got his ass whupped by one of our friends , he doesn’t remember anything after he started drinking a bottle of southern comfort. Our mutual friend texted me about this when i asked how the party was, so i had to go see how beat him up he is. I walked into the restaurant last night and oh my God, his face and neck are bruised and terribly scratched, his nose was broken, missing a chunk under his chin and dried blood on the back head where it was slammed into asphalt. He gave a hug and i got a little bit of blood on my shirt probably from his chin. My best friend whose husband is an Army medic came to the restaurant after it closed and reset his nose. I took Charming home with me to watch Contraband and to lay down. With all various pain issues i had have this year i have a shit load of pain pills, so i hooked him up. Turned off the lights and laid next to him. As much as i wanted to he was too hurt to make a move on him. I really wanted him to spend the night but i had to drop him at our friend’s house at like 1:30 am. I should have drugged him up more so he fell asleep. So now i have a Charming scented pillow, the scent is Old Spice Swagger. When i dropped him off we hugged and had a quick kiss and he asked if he’d see me tomorrow (which is today ) i told him maybe. Well i saw him for dinner Sunday night, got to talk some and i got my goodbye hug. We texted some after that and texted on Monday and i saw him for dinner Monday night, i got a hug hello and two goodbye hugs and we talked some between the hugs. We texted on Tuesday but i didn’t go see him because i felt like crap and so nauseated i could barely eat. I saw him twice on Wednesday, got to talk some and got like 3 hugs. He got a hair cut and is looking damn sexy, not that i don’t find him sexy with his hair a little fuzzy.

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