And more Charming


Sunday we texted and talked on the phone. He was off the medicine was making him sick to stomach and still very sleepy. So he was sleeping and playing video games. So 3 days without seeing him. My IBS or stress or both have been kicking my ass since Saturday night and even the prescription medicine isn’t helping. Monday afternoon, i took some more med and went to see Charming, got my usual hugs and my nice kiss on the cheek. I gave him a pretty little cross my friend and i made Friday. I didn’t sleep well Monday night, didn’t have any dairy products and stomach still fucked up,  plus my back hurt and some menstrual cramps and later on my head hurt. I was also feeling depressed too so I spent the day with my best friend. Charming and I texted some today and tonight and I saw him after I came home and feed the fur babies. I stayed until he closed up shop and then we went to our friends house. On the way I tried to discuss the shit that happened last week and some other stuff I need to get straight with him. Well apparently it is not a car conversation especially not a 5 minute one. I told it is not a conversation to have at his work and not by text message either. He said it was sit down and have a drink conversation. I told him then he needs to make for us do that. He said he would.  Well since we went to our friend’s house I didn’t get my usual goodbye hug. I did get one inside and I got another one and our somewhere between the neck and cheek kiss when I left. We texted Wednesday and i saw him at work, got my hugs and our somewhere between cheek and neck kisses. I texted him Thursday but his battery died. He replied to my Thursday text on Friday and i saw him Friday, we talked about plans for the weekend and did our usual hugs. We texted Saturday, talked in person……. Our plans for Saturday fell through. We texted some Sunday and Monday. We texted and then i saw him Tuesday, we talked and hugged 3 times. He texted me Wednesday and then i saw him Wednesday night where we talked and hugged twice and gave each other little kisses. Made plans to go out Saturday night for a drink , so i really hope the world doesn’t end on Friday . Had drinks on Saturday and talked for a couple hours, did not go as i wanted it to.

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