So it is 2013. The last two weeks of 2012 were not so great for me. I missed a lot of work which means my most recent paycheck sucked ass. I had a much dreaded conversation with Charming and we still have more than friends relationship. It’s complicated. He was out of town for the holidays and I missed him a lot. Then he lost his phone so we didn’t even get to text starting the day after Christmas.
The other sexy man in my life was free on the Friday after Christmas so he came over for about an hour and a half. So I got some much need lovin and cuddling. It was nice while he was here but I am soo tired of sleeping alone especially when it is freaking cold.
New years eve, he was busy so me and my cats watched true blood and some movies. New year’s day I had a late start because it was too damn cold to get out bed and then I hung out with my Mom and favorite Aunt watching movies and eating yummy food. The next day after work I went to go see Charming and got a nice long hug. We usually only go 3 days at the most without seeing each other so going about 10 days was a long ass time.

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