So I have seen Charming a couple of days a week since the new year and been texting as usual. Well Friday night I went in to get some dinner. I couldn’t care less about dinner but I can’t sit in there and just drink sweet tea and I didn’t feel like dessert. So I got a different hug because he was sitting on the edge of the table so it was arms wrapped each other instead of regular hug then I guess the fact that he is at work kicked in so we did our usual big hug and lingered a little bit. I hade the good bra and red sweater that with the good bra and has beautiful cleavage revealed. So he gets my sweet tea and I go to the buffet having no clue what I feel like eating. So I had some seafood and chicken and mashed potatoes and jello and hot chocolate.well he got off early and I asked him about coming over to hang out instead of waiting for two hours until his ride got off. He thought it but then declined but then said he getting off at 9 Saturday night too and he’d come hang out and pinkie promised on it. finally had sex with Charming tonight! I was not disappointmented at all, my curiosity of what he has in pants is finally satisfied. So i go to use the Trogan magmum.Damn he is fuckin awesome in bed. Before the clothes came off, we had a hot make out session. He is such a great kisser and lip nibbling,sucking and biting , i have a little purple bruise on my lower lip that the only other time i have had was the hot make out session on Halloween . There is hot passion between us. I almost wish hadn’t turned off the bright ass night so I could get a really good look at him totally naked. I got a pretty good look with the glow of the tv from 8 mile. He has a nice body and big dick, damn could I please make him my love slave. I proved to him that I wasn’t lying my blow job skills. I took as much I could without gagging into my mouth. I felt the gag reflex and yeah throwing up would have totally killed the mood. And he kissed after that too which you never know if I guy will do.

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